Sending Funeral Flowers

The main purpose of flowers at funerals is to celebrate life but can symbolise many different emotions such as love, sympathy, eternity and immortality. They’ve always played an important part at funerals as their beautiful comforting qualities, remain one of the most graceful ways to express our support when we can’t find the words to. You can choose from a large range including heart arrangements, wreaths, funeral letters and even custom funeral flower arrangements that have been made to order. […]

A Guide To Funeral Flowers

At some point in your lifetime you will have to make the important decision of choosing the right flowers for loved ones once they have passed. This is often determined by the relationship you had with your recently deceased. Flowers are often referred to as a second language, symbolising a range of different emotions or meanings. Although distressing at the time, your choice of flowers can also be an aid in the bereavement process, thus making it personal between you, […]